The appearance of diseases is influenced by a lot of elements, from our daily concerns or the environment in which we work, to the emotional events related to our private life.

Too often, however, classical medicine focuses so heavily on the timely treatment of the symptoms of a disease that it forgets to look up to see the big picture of all the factors in a patient’s life. A global understanding of the context in which a disease occurs is essential for the effective treatment and final elimination of the problem.

Integrative medicine is a different and inclusive way of taking into account all the elements that can influence a person’s health and all the types of treatment that can be approached for the long-term health restoration. In other words, integrative medicine does not only treat the disease, but focuses on healing the person as a whole, by combining conventional and complementary medicine, in order to restore the patient’s emotional and physical well-being.

Integrative medicine requires a different approach from the health specialist, based on a detailed analysis of the patient’s medical history, a good understanding of their lifestyle, but also a partnership between doctor and patient, built on communication and trust.

The doctor correlates and connects the different components of the health condition – both from the point of view of the medical diagnosis and the establishment of the personalized treatment strategy, adapted to each individual, to obtain an optimal state of health, using natural and modern methods, as close as possible to the natural functioning of the body, based on confirmed scientific research. 

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How does the integrative medicine consultation go?

At a clinic for integrative medicine near me, expect a thorough discussion, during which the doctor will ask you questions you may not necessarily expect, related to your lifestyle, personal preferences, sleep, diet, significant or shocking events in your life etc. It is important to know the chronological order of the occurrence of the health problems you have; they are often related to each other, even if you did not think about it and even if other doctors did not say so.

The integrative medicine doctor will examine you physically, so be prepared with clothing that can be easily removed. Physical examination is very important and provides the doctor with objective information, signals from the body that sometimes you do not notice or cannot transmit verbally.

The medical investigations you have previously done are important, so make sure to bring your medical file, including results of bio-resonance scans or anything related to your health, including results of investigations that apparently have nothing to do with the problem you are experiencing.

The doctor will decide on further investigations and connect all the information, to get an overview. It is truly amazing how much everything has to do with everything!

The greatest benefits can be obtained in complex, multidisciplinary medical cases, walked from one doctor to another, from one specialty to another and which are still unresolved because of the lack of deep correlation between different medical specialties.