Just like, as a business entrepreneur, you might choose certain types of clothes to look smart and professional, and to deliver a certain, powerful message to those around you, it’s also possible to do the same with your vehicle(s). Whether you’re using your personal vehicle to travel to and from your office building, or you have a fleet of vehicles for delivery or servicing purposes, using the most creative and catchy Denver car wrap ideas should be pretty high on your list.

From Solid Colors to Unique Designs

Most cars feature solid colors that – while they may stand out – don’t always deliver the kind of message you’d like your followers, clients or competitors to get. The use of a unique pattern or design will do that, however, especially since some of the catchiest of them tend to stand out a lot:

  • You can use various rainbow patterns combined with repeating shapes such as rectangles, fluid swirls or complex, geometric elements to make your car stand out a lot.
  • Cheetah print, zebra print and other animal print patterns can also be used to make your vehicle become more appealing, as well as fashionable.
  • Specific neon designs, as well as unique images of stars and galaxies can be use to make your vehicles more unique and give them a look that’s sure to turn a few heads.
  • Doodle wraps, race car features and cartoon wraps are also in vogue these days. The great benefit about using these types of wraps is that you can still maintain a minimalist appearance, depending on what you’re trying to achieve with the pattern of your choice.

Of course, a unique pattern is great as long as you want to stay in fashion, make your car look original, and stand out from the crowd. However, if you also want to use your car for business purposes, you’ll have to go the extra mile and find some creative means of mixing the most unique car wraps Denver has with your marketing campaigns and company image.

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Integrating Unique Patterns and Marketing Elements

Before trying to integrate your car wraps with your marketing, you have to find the most relevant, clean way to add patterns that will not only resonate with your company’s message, but also integrate well with your logo and with the marketing campaign you are currently promoting (if any).

The idea is to create a unique, artistic frame around areas of your car where you don’t want any writing or logos. That way, those elements will attract the attention of your clients and point it naturally towards areas like your door and hood, where there is a larger space available for your marketing elements.

Aim to make any ads, logos or writing you want to integrate as simple as possible and painted on the clearest, most minimal part of your car wrap design. That way, you can keep the uniqueness of the graphics, but also put them in a kind of contrast that will support anything you want people to see or read as easily as possible, as your car goes by.