According to driving school Colorado Springs professionals, here are common traffic violations:

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Failing to Give the Right of Way

A common traffic violation that most beginner drivers commit is failing to give the right of way. This typically happens in the city, where the speeds aren’t that threatening, but a collision at 10-20 mph can still be a serious one. Failing to give the right of way is also a serious offense that could get you to lose your license or fail your driving exam.

Running a Red Light

Running a red light is a serious offense, and it can often lead to accidents involving serious injuries or even death. A red light usually means that either pedestrians or cars coming into the junction from the left or right have the right of way, which means you have to stop your vehicle. Following this rule is crucial to staying safe, and should be considered as such even if you try to risk it on the yellow light. That risk is usually not worth it, since there is a greater risk that a car or a pedestrian could get in your way, and you simply won’t have time to brake before you hit them.

Not Wearing a Seat Belt

Most drivers find the idea of wearing a seat belt annoying. Some consider it to be uncomfortable, while others find it pointless, since a seat belt can’t usually protect you from a fatal accident. Some even go so far as to consider seat belts a hindrance to their safety, as it could hinder their ability to exit the vehicle in the event that it crashes. All these excuses, however, don’t usually pan out, and most experts agree that there is good reason for the authorities to demand fines from those they can catch not wearing their seat belts while driving.

Crossing into Oncoming Lanes

It’s easy to have your mind wander for a few seconds while driving on a winding road and having part of your vehicle hit the oncoming lane by mistake. This might not be an offense that is easy to enforce, but it is an extremely dangerous one. Drivers who end up drifting out of their lanes to the oncoming lane often find it very difficult to regain control, and may even panic in the face of oncoming traffic. Sadly, in most cases avoiding a horrific car crash is very difficult in such instances, so it should be obvious that avoiding the situation in the first place is the most crucial thing to do.


Speeding is quite possibly the single most common and noticeable traffic violation in the world. If you see a car speeding past you in the city, chances are the driver is going a little over the speed limit, especially if the road is clear and there are no police officers in sight. Although most drivers don’t usually risk going more than 5-10 mph past the speed limit, some are regular speed junkies who end up hitting more than 80 mph in areas where 50 or 60 is the speed limit. Unfortunately, many accidents happen as a result of speeding, and the results are oftentimes catastrophic.