Losing one or several teeth is a serious problem. It impacts a person’s ability to eat and speak properly and it can ruin their self esteem. For the majority of people, the solution is to go to the dentist and get crowns, bridges or removable dentures. It is a quick and quite affordable solution to replace missing teeth.

However, the downside of these solutions is that they do not feel like natural teeth. For example, removable dentures may even come off completely when biting into something sticky (such as toffee) and cause a lot of embarrassment for the person.

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Dental Implants – the Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth

The solution to have teeth replacements that look and feel like the real thing is dental implants. Why is that so? Dentures and bridges are cassettes that mimic the outline of teeth. By comparison, implants are artificial teeth, implanted directly into the upper or lower jawbone.

Practically, there is no functional or visual difference between natural teeth and dental implants. And this brings several other benefits, which we will detail below.

  1. You Retain Biting Force

People with removable dentures are always careful about what they eat, how they bite and how they chew. They tend to choose soft foods, giving up some of the crunchy treats they used to enjoy.

With dental implants, you can safely bite into any food, just like you did with your natural teeth. There is no risk of losing an implant, because it is tightly screwed inside the jawbone.

  1. You Do Not Suffer from Speech Changes

Dentures and bridges alter the way people pronounce certain sounds. This leads to some changes to their speech, including a tendency to lisp. At the same time, some teeth replacements determined excess secretion of saliva, causing some people to spittle when they speak.

By contrast, there is no change to speech when you have dental implants. They are perceived by the body as regular teeth, and there are no subsequent changes to the way you pronounce words.

  1. Your Facial Bone Structure Stays the Same

For some patients, getting bridges and dentures involves surgical intervention on the gums and jawbones. The final result will produce slight, but perceivable changes to the outlines of their face, especially around the jaw line and cheekbones.

As dental implants are placed in the exact position of natural teeth, there will be no changes to the facial bone structure.

  1. Get a Perfect Match for Your Natural Teeth

People can easily guess when someone wears dentures. They have an artificial look – too white or with a grayish tint – and the size of the teeth sometimes does not match the mouth.

Dental implants are available in a large variety, by contrast. Thus, your dentist can find a model that is a perfect match for the other natural teeth in your mouth.

  1. Dental Implants Last Longer

Finally, dental implants are more robust and less prone to crack or break. With dentures, accidents can cause a person to have them replaced several times. This means continuous expenses, together with the other disadvantages of dentures.