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What Is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Treatment?

benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment

The importance of getting timely treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) cannot be stated enough. This disorder has to do primarily with the prostate and the tissues surrounding it, being usually associated with a swelling of the area and with various symptoms that can be uncomfortable as well as downright painful.

Typically, the prostate is merely the size of a golf ball when it’s healthy. However, in men over the age of 25, which are subjected to the ongoing development of their bodies and of the prostate, this growth can become abnormal, and the prostate can reach a size as large as an orange. This is when it can be very important to intervene, since the enlarged prostate can press on the bladder and the urethra, causing discomfort while urinating and possibly leading to various long term problems as well.

Choosing the right benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment is important because each case is different, and the problem has to be addressed differently in its inception, as opposed to when it already became a serious condition.

Tests and Establishing a Diagnosis

Aside from asking you a series of questions about signs and symptoms that you might have experienced in the past few weeks and months, your doctor will likely perform various tests as well, in their attempt to establish a definite diagnosis of BPH. These tests can range from something basic such as a urine test or a digital rectal exam, to various blood tests that would indicate whether or not the patient has kidney problems, as well as a urine flow test or the establishment of a 24-hour voiding diary.

The tests are designed to help doctors figure out exactly what’s wrong and whether or not benign prostatic hyperplasia is the actual culprit. Once the diagnosis has been established, it’s important to keep in touch with your doctor to determine which type of treatment will be better suited to your particular case and needs. Depending on the condition and how far along you are, there could be recommendations of a more complex series of treatments that will be used long term to attempt to reduce the prostate back to its normal size.

Recommended Treatments

There are a number of possible treatments for benign prostatic hyperplasia that medical professionals could consider. One of the most common is medication through the use of alpha blockers, combination drug therapy or Cialis – which is also known to help with erectile dysfunction.

Minimally invasive therapies and surgeries are also recommended if the condition is more serious or if using drugs has had no measurable positive effect. Some of these procedures may include the transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), transurethral needle ablation (TUNA) or the incision of the prostate.

Of course, these treatments are not helpful in all cases. Experts will tell you that they should be discouraged, if patients suffer from an untreated UTI, a disease that affects the structure of the urethra or a neurological problem such as Parkinson’s disease. To make sure that you get the best solution for treating your BPH properly, it’s important to visit a professional medical service like ECCO Medical, where they have advanced testing and treatment method that will help you a lot more than what you’d experience at a regular clinic.

A Basic Description of Peripheral Artery Disease

PAD treatment doctors recommend

Peripheral artery disease is among the most common health problems all over the world, a problem that affects the body’s circulatory system and manifests in the form of insufficient blood flow to the limbs and to the body’s organs caused by a progressive narrowing of the blood vessels.

The Symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral artery disease is a condition that might start as early as around the age of 20 or 30 and might linger without causing any symptoms for years or even for decades, until the blockage in the affected blood vessels becomes substantial enough to severely limit blood circulation. The condition is progressive, the layer of the plaque deposits on the blood vessels becoming thicker and thicker over time. If the progression is not stopped in time, the symptoms will eventually appear and will include the following:

  • Claudication – the medical term practically means limping or pain when moving the legs. With peripheral artery disease, the symptom can be traced back to an insufficient blood flow to the muscles in the legs;
  • Muscle cramping – another symptom that the muscles do not get sufficient blood flow;
  • Coldness in the affected limbs, most commonly in the legs;
  • Sores and wounds that fail to heal or take very long to heal despite being superficial and small – the blood transports the nutrients and the white blood cells that are necessary for efficient wound healing. When the blood supply is insufficient, wounds cannot heal and tend to become deeper, larger and infected, often leading to gangrene;
  • A change in the color of the affected limbs – insufficient blood flow usually causes the affected limb to turn red, bluish or purple.

If left undiagnosed or untreated, peripheral artery disease might progress and become generalized, affecting the blood vessels that supply the body’s major organs, including the heart, the kidneys, the liver and the lungs, threatening organ dysfunction or organ failure.

The Causes of Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral artery disease is usually considered to be a consequence of atherosclerosis, a process during which deposits of fat and calcium accumulate inside the body’s major arteries. Many of the factors that increase the risk of developing the condition are related to lifestyle and include smoking, untreated or poorly controlled diabetes, obesity (a body mass index that equals or is over 30), high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Aging and hereditary factors also play a role in the development of the disease.

The Treatment of Peripheral Artery Disease

The treatment of peripheral artery disease requires complex medical examinations and a complex approach. Lifestyle changes can help a lot – implementing a suitable, regular physical exercise regimen, weight loss, quitting smoking, avoiding fatty foods and foods that are high in salt are all essential for reversing the process of developing blockages in the blood vessels. Medication is also used efficiently – the drugs prescribed play the roles of reducing cholesterol levels and of controlling blood sugar and calcium levels in the blood. If the disease causes a severe blockage in the arteries, surgical interventions are also available to restore efficient blood flow.  It’s good to note that there are PAD treatment Fort Collins doctors offer that can help you treat this disease.

What Is the Purpose of Bone Grafting by Oral Surgeons?

dental implants Parker

One of the specialized procedures performed by oral surgeons is bone grafting. This is a surgery that attempt to repair jaw bone loss or offer teeth additional support. Various conditions, from untreated tooth decay to mouth cancers can lead to bone loss in the upper or lower jaw. This means that teeth no longer have a strong and firm support and may become loose and fall off.

What Does Oral Bone Grafting Involve?

The oral surgeon will replenish the empty space with a graft, which is a small piece of bone or other material (more on this below). In time, the natural jaw bone will naturally grow to incorporate the graft, resulting in a solid foundation for the patient’s teeth.

According to dental implants Parker specialists, depending on the material used, bone grafting falls into four different categories:

  • Autografts – the oral surgeon will first remove a piece of bone from the patient’s own body, usually the hip or the healthy jaw
  • Alllographts – when the bone is taken from a different person, usually someone who agreed to donate their organs after death
  • Xenographts – in this case, the bone of an animal, such as a pig or a cow is used
  • Alloplasts – when the material used for grafting is manmade (synthetic).

Recent studies have shown that, in the near future, bone grafting can be done with cells, various bone growth factors, as well as gene-modifying drugs. Once this is possible, the procedure shall be minimally invasive.

Is Bone Grafting Painful?

In most of the cases, patients experience moderate pain after the surgery, which can be managed with over the counter painkillers. In the case of autographs, the level of pain may be higher, since the oral surgeon will perform two procedures: one to remove a piece of bone, and one to insert it in the jaw.

The surgeon may recommend prescription-strength pain medication if the patient experiences severe discomfort or discloses an overall low tolerance to pain.

Who May Need Bone Grafting?

Since, at the present, this is quite a complex procedure, you may wonder what types of conditions require it. Here are some of the most frequent cases when bone grafting is recommended and necessary:

  1. Dental Implants

In some cases, losing a tooth is caused by the depletion of jawbone tissue around it. In these cases (and others) the dental implants Parker oral surgeon will recommend having a bone graft before inserting a dental implant.

The dental implant surgeon will need a strong and solid area to install the screw, so that the tooth replacement will stay firmly in place.

  1. Jaw Bone Loss

The lower jaw has a definitive role in shaping our faces. When bone loss occurs, people’s appearance is changed, appearing older and sunken in. Bone grafting can solve this issue and give the patient a firm and youthful jaw line.

  1. Gum Disease

Infection to the gums can lead to bone loss if left untreated for a long time. Bacteria and microbes eat away at all available tissue. This is why you should never ignore any signs of problems with your teeth and gums.

  1. Trauma

If you were involved in a car crash or were the victim of a physical assault, a piece of your jaw bone may be chipped or splintered. In these cases, bone grafting may be use as part of facial reconstructive surgery.

Advantages of Having a Dermatologist

Dermatologists are special doctors who deal with skin problems. They also specialize in problems related to nails or hair. Many of them work with people to treat and prevent certain conditions, whereas others do surgery or take care of cosmetic issues. While many of them work in medical hospitals, others practice medicine in private clinics.

Skin is the most obvious element for creating the very first impression. You may not know exactly what happens to your skin, and because of that it is highly recommended that you have it checked regularly by a certified dermatologist.

dermatologist Lone Tree CO

A good dermatologist Lone Tree CO specialist can help you with any acne-related problems. Acne is typical not only for teenagers; it can be triggered by food, stress or hormone imbalances. Therefore, a dermatologist can help you find the best solutions for you to treat and cure acne, and to prevent it on a regular basis. As you grow older, you need a more permanent, long-term method to treat this sometimes troublesome skin condition.

In case you have more severe skin conditions, a Lone Tree skin expert can help you treat them the right way. Certain natural elements such as the UV rays can cause serious problems to your skin and to your general health, such as malignant lesions. In order to prevent problems from growing, a good dermatologist can help you treat such conditions early and more efficiently. At the same time, you can get plenty of good advice on how to keep your skin looking youthful throughout the aging process.

A dermatologist can help you choose the best products for your skin, and help you reduce the often bad effects of chemical substances which can be found mostly anywhere, from food to cleaning products or cosmetics.

With the technological advances available nowadays, you can reach out to a dermatologist much easier than before. Thus, you can even consult a dermatologist online.

This means of communication can have many benefits. First of all, it provides safety and security. At the same time, you can get a diagnosis in a shorter period of time, while also being able to ask sometimes embarrassing questions. Also, you do not have to deal with exposing yourselves to others, especially if you feel ashamed about your skin issues.

Another advantage of online dermatologist Lone Tree CO consultations is the fact that you may no longer have to go to a drugstore. Many doctors can give you electronic prescriptions and arrange for your medicines to be mailed to you directly, which can be very convenient and practical.

There are no hidden fees or other such things, and therefore your online consultation with a dermatologist can be a pleasant, positive experience. Not to mention the fact that, if you use the online media, you can reach your dermatologist more often and can thus have a better interaction with him/her.

No matter the nature of your problems, you should make sure that your dermatologist is board-certified. Thus, you enjoy the benefits of expert medical services offered to you by a doctor who received intensive training in this field.


What Does an Integrative Medicine Doctor do?

The appearance of diseases is influenced by a lot of elements, from our daily concerns or the environment in which we work, to the emotional events related to our private life.

Too often, however, classical medicine focuses so heavily on the timely treatment of the symptoms of a disease that it forgets to look up to see the big picture of all the factors in a patient’s life. A global understanding of the context in which a disease occurs is essential for the effective treatment and final elimination of the problem.

Integrative medicine is a different and inclusive way of taking into account all the elements that can influence a person’s health and all the types of treatment that can be approached for the long-term health restoration. In other words, integrative medicine does not only treat the disease, but focuses on healing the person as a whole, by combining conventional and complementary medicine, in order to restore the patient’s emotional and physical well-being.

Integrative medicine requires a different approach from the health specialist, based on a detailed analysis of the patient’s medical history, a good understanding of their lifestyle, but also a partnership between doctor and patient, built on communication and trust.

The doctor correlates and connects the different components of the health condition – both from the point of view of the medical diagnosis and the establishment of the personalized treatment strategy, adapted to each individual, to obtain an optimal state of health, using natural and modern methods, as close as possible to the natural functioning of the body, based on confirmed scientific research. 

integrative medicine near me

How does the integrative medicine consultation go?

At a clinic for integrative medicine near me, expect a thorough discussion, during which the doctor will ask you questions you may not necessarily expect, related to your lifestyle, personal preferences, sleep, diet, significant or shocking events in your life etc. It is important to know the chronological order of the occurrence of the health problems you have; they are often related to each other, even if you did not think about it and even if other doctors did not say so.

The integrative medicine doctor will examine you physically, so be prepared with clothing that can be easily removed. Physical examination is very important and provides the doctor with objective information, signals from the body that sometimes you do not notice or cannot transmit verbally.

The medical investigations you have previously done are important, so make sure to bring your medical file, including results of bio-resonance scans or anything related to your health, including results of investigations that apparently have nothing to do with the problem you are experiencing.

The doctor will decide on further investigations and connect all the information, to get an overview. It is truly amazing how much everything has to do with everything!

The greatest benefits can be obtained in complex, multidisciplinary medical cases, walked from one doctor to another, from one specialty to another and which are still unresolved because of the lack of deep correlation between different medical specialties.


How Do Oral Surgeons Treat TMJ?

Oral Surgeon Treat TMJ

The acronym “TMJ” stands for the temporomandibular joint, the hinge-like joint that connects the jawbone and the skull at each side of the head. TMJ disorders (also called TMD) can be caused by many things and they can also cause symptoms of varying severity – in some cases, the problem resolves on its own, but in others, it needs treatment. The specialists to turn to with TMJ problems are dentists and oral surgeons – here are more details about the affection.

The Causes of TMJ Disorders

TMJ can be caused by many things, including genetic predisposition, injuries sustained by the teeth and the jaw, teeth grinding and jaw clenching (a syndrome called bruxism), a misalignment of the jaw or of the teeth that affects the correct position of the temporomandibular joint, arthritis that affects the joints of the head, poor posture, even stress. The wide range of factors and causes that can lead to the appearance of TMJ disorders makes the condition very difficult to track back, therefore the specialists usually focus more on the treatment of the symptoms.

The Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

The symptoms of TMD are as varied as the causes – here are the most common ones:

  • Pain in the jaw – sharp and diffuse pain are equally common;
  • Clicking and popping experienced at the level of the jaw;
  • Earaches and headaches;
  • Jaw muscles that feel stiff or painful;
  • The locking of the jaw.

The Treatment of TMJ Disorders at Home

In many cases, TMD can be efficiently treated with home remedies, such as ice packs and over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. Gentle massages and attempts to stretch the jaw muscles can also have beneficial effects and reducing the amount of stress that the TMD sufferer is exposed to is known to have beneficial effects as well.

The Treatment of TMJ by Doctors

If home remedies seem ineffective (the symptoms are not ameliorated after a few days of applying ice packs and taking OTC painkillers), medical treatment for the disorder is necessary. The oral surgeon Skokie doctor will inquire about the type and the severity of the symptoms and might also order further tests, such as a CT scan, an X-ray of the jaw, an arthroscopy or an MRI of the affected area. When all the data are collected, the doctor will select the adequate treatment method. The options include the application of dental splints (medical devices used for protecting the teeth from the damage caused by bruxism), the administration of Botox to destress the nerves, the muscles and the joints in the affected area, physical therapy and, in the most severe cases, surgical interventions. The surgical methods used for treating TMD are usually minimally invasive interventions, such as the irrigation of the affected joint to help reduce the inflammation. In some cases, when jaw locking is also involved, surgery on the mandible or open-joint surgery might be necessary to repair the affected joint.

The prognosis for TMD is usually very good – even the most severe cases can be treated efficiently, with the patient experiencing an amelioration of the symptoms very soon.

Which Shoe Type Do You Need?

ortho shoesMost sports trainers have a long list of orthopedic shoes that they wear. Whether they are a professional athlete or someone who just uses their own shoes when they exercise, the following shoes will be needed for work and for play.

The way in which you walk, talk and dress will all have an important role in what type of shoe you wear. Orthopedic shoes are designed to increase and improve your range of motion and will improve your posture. They are designed to protect you from the possibility of injury by protecting the soft tissues underneath your feet.

High-quality orthopedic shoes that feature moisture-wicking material can help keep you comfortable in any type of weather. Your socks, shoe laces and socks, and socks will have to endure at least one rain shower before your shoes will last. If you want to avoid those nasty stains from that dirty umbrella or puddle you get too.

Athletes and those who use their own shoes when they exercise will need to find a trainer that has a special design. They should be designed to help prevent injury to your ankles and foot joints. An orthopedic shoe should protect your feet and the shoes should also be equipped with metal inserts that can prevent any type of injury to your arch. This is essential in preventing arthritis.

Any trainers shoe should come with a full set of training shoes, exercise shoes and orthopedic sneakers. The trainers should be designed to properly support your feet. You should be able to pull your toes back and put them forward in any type of shoe you choose.

It is a good idea to consider an athletic trainer that comes with a shoe tool. The tool will help you adjust the shoe and ensure you get the right fit.

There are many options for orthopedic shoes and a variety of brands. Most offer a full assortment of different styles including Chuck Taylor All Star trainers, Superfeet, Ecko, Mico and Nike Frees. The shoes will come in a range of different designs including suede, mesh, nylon and mesh.

Foot pronation should be taken into consideration while you choose an orthopedic shoe. No matter how many pairs of shoes you buy, the ones that are meant to improve the feel of your foot will not have this ability.

Orthopedic shoes are specially designed to protect you when you are exercising, walking, or running. They will improve your balance and coordination by focusing on the stress that is placed on your feet.

In order to be able to correctly shop for orthopedic shoes, it is a good idea to have a professional fit you. If you take your shoe out and walk around the store, your feet will be able to find the correct size and type.

If you have had trouble finding the right fit, you may want to look for shoes that have a sizing chart that shows you the correct sizing and make of the shoe. You can get shoes that have wider and narrower widths so you can find the perfect fit for your feet.

If you have had difficulty finding the right fit, you may want to consider purchasing a shoe on the basis of color. You will need to wear the shoes for a short time before you can decide if they are comfortable. Most of the orthopedic shoes are available in basic colors, so you can get a pair that matches your current shoe collection.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Losing one or several teeth is a serious problem. It impacts a person’s ability to eat and speak properly and it can ruin their self esteem. For the majority of people, the solution is to go to the dentist and get crowns, bridges or removable dentures. It is a quick and quite affordable solution to replace missing teeth.

However, the downside of these solutions is that they do not feel like natural teeth. For example, removable dentures may even come off completely when biting into something sticky (such as toffee) and cause a lot of embarrassment for the person.

Ken Caryl dentist

Dental Implants – the Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth

The solution to have teeth replacements that look and feel like the real thing is dental implants. Why is that so? Dentures and bridges are cassettes that mimic the outline of teeth. By comparison, implants are artificial teeth, implanted directly into the upper or lower jawbone.

Practically, there is no functional or visual difference between natural teeth and dental implants. And this brings several other benefits, which we will detail below.

  1. You Retain Biting Force

People with removable dentures are always careful about what they eat, how they bite and how they chew. They tend to choose soft foods, giving up some of the crunchy treats they used to enjoy.

With dental implants, you can safely bite into any food, just like you did with your natural teeth. There is no risk of losing an implant, because it is tightly screwed inside the jawbone.

  1. You Do Not Suffer from Speech Changes

Dentures and bridges alter the way people pronounce certain sounds. This leads to some changes to their speech, including a tendency to lisp. At the same time, some teeth replacements determined excess secretion of saliva, causing some people to spittle when they speak.

By contrast, there is no change to speech when you have dental implants. They are perceived by the body as regular teeth, and there are no subsequent changes to the way you pronounce words.

  1. Your Facial Bone Structure Stays the Same

For some patients, getting bridges and dentures involves surgical intervention on the gums and jawbones. The final result will produce slight, but perceivable changes to the outlines of their face, especially around the jaw line and cheekbones.

As dental implants are placed in the exact position of natural teeth, there will be no changes to the facial bone structure.

  1. Get a Perfect Match for Your Natural Teeth

People can easily guess when someone wears dentures. They have an artificial look – too white or with a grayish tint – and the size of the teeth sometimes does not match the mouth.

Dental implants are available in a large variety, by contrast. Thus, your dentist can find a model that is a perfect match for the other natural teeth in your mouth.

  1. Dental Implants Last Longer

Finally, dental implants are more robust and less prone to crack or break. With dentures, accidents can cause a person to have them replaced several times. This means continuous expenses, together with the other disadvantages of dentures.

The Most Creative Ideas in Using Your Car Wraps for Business

Just like, as a business entrepreneur, you might choose certain types of clothes to look smart and professional, and to deliver a certain, powerful message to those around you, it’s also possible to do the same with your vehicle(s). Whether you’re using your personal vehicle to travel to and from your office building, or you have a fleet of vehicles for delivery or servicing purposes, using the most creative and catchy Denver car wrap ideas should be pretty high on your list.

From Solid Colors to Unique Designs

Most cars feature solid colors that – while they may stand out – don’t always deliver the kind of message you’d like your followers, clients or competitors to get. The use of a unique pattern or design will do that, however, especially since some of the catchiest of them tend to stand out a lot:

  • You can use various rainbow patterns combined with repeating shapes such as rectangles, fluid swirls or complex, geometric elements to make your car stand out a lot.
  • Cheetah print, zebra print and other animal print patterns can also be used to make your vehicle become more appealing, as well as fashionable.
  • Specific neon designs, as well as unique images of stars and galaxies can be use to make your vehicles more unique and give them a look that’s sure to turn a few heads.
  • Doodle wraps, race car features and cartoon wraps are also in vogue these days. The great benefit about using these types of wraps is that you can still maintain a minimalist appearance, depending on what you’re trying to achieve with the pattern of your choice.

Of course, a unique pattern is great as long as you want to stay in fashion, make your car look original, and stand out from the crowd. However, if you also want to use your car for business purposes, you’ll have to go the extra mile and find some creative means of mixing the most unique car wraps Denver has with your marketing campaigns and company image.

car wraps Denver

Integrating Unique Patterns and Marketing Elements

Before trying to integrate your car wraps with your marketing, you have to find the most relevant, clean way to add patterns that will not only resonate with your company’s message, but also integrate well with your logo and with the marketing campaign you are currently promoting (if any).

The idea is to create a unique, artistic frame around areas of your car where you don’t want any writing or logos. That way, those elements will attract the attention of your clients and point it naturally towards areas like your door and hood, where there is a larger space available for your marketing elements.

Aim to make any ads, logos or writing you want to integrate as simple as possible and painted on the clearest, most minimal part of your car wrap design. That way, you can keep the uniqueness of the graphics, but also put them in a kind of contrast that will support anything you want people to see or read as easily as possible, as your car goes by.

Preparing to Buy Marijuana: Do Colorado Cannabis Shops Check IDs?

Whether you’re a Colorado resident, or you’re visiting the state of Colorado from outside the state or even from outside the United States, it’s important to note that buying and using marijuana isn’t as straightforward as one might hope. Although the US has already started to be more lenient when it comes to cannabis regulations, and Colorado has approved it for legal, recreational and medical use under certain conditions, some of those conditions can be quite strict.

One of them is the need to present your ID as soon as you walk into a cannabis shop. That means people under the age of 21 are not allowed, and if there’s any suspicion about your ID being invalid or tampered with, then you can expect that you won’t be served.

What IDs Are Accepted at a Marijuana Dispensary?

Most websites will tell you that you have to present your ID, but they don’t give much details. If you’re doing research to find out everything you can about buying cannabis-based products in Colorado, you have to know that the best dispensaries in Pueblo Colorado accept many types of IDs, but not all of dispensaries in Pueblo Colorado

Showing up with a passport if you’re not from the United States is fine, and foreigners won’t have any trouble if their passports are valid. Also, people outside the United States who live in one of the territories, such as Guam, the American Samoa and Puerto Rico, will also be accepted, as long as they’re government-issued photo IDs.

If you have a military ID, you can also count yourself fortunate that Colorado dispensaries will let you in quite immediately. Finally, whether you’re from Colorado or any of the other 49 states, you can shop with confidence by only showing your ID and making sure that it’s in good condition.

The main thing to look for, regardless of whether you have your ID or passport with you, is to ensure that there are no tears and that your birth date, photograph and state seal is clearly visible. Anything that makes your ID look like it could have been tampered with will be taken into account, and most dispensaries will play it safe when they see that. This means you likely won’t be able to shop there until you renew your ID and get a brand new one that makes all the essential parts visible.

Cannabis Shops and Their Strictness

Why are cannabis dispensaries so strict? It’s because they face hefty fines, or they could even be disbanded and face criminal charges if they end up selling marijuana to people under the age of 21 or people with fake or invalid IDs.

Even though the government tolerates the use of marijuana, it wasn’t so long ago that using the drug used to be illegal. Its potency and effects differ from person to person, and its effects on younger people and children are said to be dangerous, if not properly regulated. Ultimately, laws and industries can hardly change overnight, but there is hope that the reputation of cannabis will improve as time goes by.

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